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Corporate policy on quality and environment

UNICONF’s Management recognizes its commitment to customers and consumers of the products manufactured and marketed by the organization as the basic principle of its Business Management Policy and for this reason it takes responsibility and acquires the commitment to establish and develop an Integrated Management System based on in the requirements of the IFS FOOD and UNE ISO 14.001:2015 standards with the following scope : Manufacture, processing, packaging, storage and distribution of confectionery products.

To this end, we have developed this Corporate Policy, which is reviewed periodically to ensure its continuous adaptation, and is communicated to all the organization’s personnel, ensuring their understanding and compliance and guaranteeing a culture of food safety in the organization.

This Corporate Policy is based on the basic principles and values ​​described below:

  • Fully comply with the requirements agreed with our clients, in order to achieve their full satisfaction, supplying them with legal and quality products, in accordance with the specifications defined for the
  • Comply with the regulations applicable to marketed products, ensuring in all cases the manufacture, distribution and placing on the market of safe products without risk to consumers, ensuring the use of the necessary resources to guarantee that the products with which UNICONF works
  • Commit ourselves to the protection of the environment. Work to achieve continuous improvement in favor of the prevention of pollution and the reduction of the environmental impact of its activity.
  • The necessary requirements to guarantee their safety and environmental protection, both those required by regulation or law, as well as those additional that UNICONF or other interested parties
  • The quality requirements defined by the applicable regulations and the agreements with our
  • The applicable requirements for the operation of the processes of
  • Carry out all the processes and tasks of the organization following the principles of respect for the environment and sustainability, promoting the responsible attitude of its employees and collaborators with the environment in which they carry out their activities.
  • Increase the competence and awareness of the organization’s staff, involving them in the principles of this Policy and training them in the importance of carrying out their work and actions in an ethical, ecological and responsible manner
  • We adopt a process-based approach in order to improve our results and management efficiency.
  • Collaborate with authorities and other interested parties related to food safety and the environment to maintain and improve safety, as well as our

UNICONF, based on the continuous analysis of the risks of the activities carried out and the knowledge of the external and internal context in which it is located, formulates environmental objectives and goals each year, which will always be measurable and consistent with this Policy and with the principles in it formulated and monitors these, verifying their compliance, in order to verify the progress made and adapt the objectives and goals to the nature and magnitude of the environmental impacts caused by our activities and products throughout the life cycle.

All UNICONF workers have the obligation to know and apply the principles defined in this Corporate Policy in the development of their assigned tasks, as well as in the relationships maintained with clients, suppliers or other interested parties. The UNICONF Corporate Policy is available to all interested parties through the Corporate Website.



In accordance with the culture of food safety, the shared values, beliefs and norms that affect this organization are established:


Position our brand and products, both in Spain and other countries of the European Union, reaching the main clients and consumers, providing the market with safe products for consumption, with high quality specifications.


Expand our brand and product development in Europe, establishing ourselves as a reputable and trusted consumer confectionery brand. Raising at all times, our values ​​oriented to quality and responsibility with the environment.


  • Commitment to comply with the applicable regulations of the products marketed, ensuring in all cases the manufacture, distribution and placing on the market of safe products without risks for consumers.
  • Full satisfaction of our customers, through compliance with the requirements
  • Comply with applicable legislation and regulations in the development of business activity, carrying out internationally accepted ethical practices
  • Priority consideration of safety in the work environment
  • Commitment to protecting the environment
  • Search for continuous improvement, in all business areas
  • Competence and awareness of the organization’s staff, through involvement in policies, processes and training.


  • Reduce the generation of losses and products for destruction.
  • Establish an active awareness system for continuous improvement in
  • Reduce the incidence of non-compliance with good handling, hygiene and food safety practices within the


Tenerife, 04/29/2022. Rev 4.